Graphics Projects (L-4, T-2)

  • Mega Structure Modeling,  3D modeling of Himeji Castle, Japan. Exploring various parts of graphics including day and night lighting,shading, curves, texture mapping, smooth camera, walking camera implementation, etc.                                   Technologies: OpenGL
  • Physics Simulation, Simulation of real world physics laws including collision detection and response.                                                                                            Technologies: OpenGL

4 Bit Microprocessor Design And Implementation(L-4, T-1)

A Micro program controlled 4-bit Microprocessor with a basic instruction set and an associated interpreter, based on the MIPS architecture.  It had separate Data and Instruction RAM and also supports single pipe-lining along with a micro-programmed control Unit.

Gas Leakage Detection and SMS Alert(L-4, T-1)

It is a prize winning project in Hardware Project Show in CSE Festival,2013 organized by Department of CSE,BUET. It is a Microcontroller based project for detecting Gas leakage and alert users by alarm and sending SMS to proper user in household and factories. It has also an module of blowing away the leakage gas from room to avoid unexpected accident.
Technologies:  C(language), MQ-5 sensor to detect gas leakage, GSM module for sms service

Electronic Medical Record System(L-3, T-1,2)

It is a web based medical management solution which offers an easy and more dynamic Doctor-Patient interaction. Doctor can provide automated prescription to patients instead of handwritten one. It also provides a system of storing previous medical reports and prescriptions for easy disease detection.
Technologies: PHP, CodeIgniter, MySql, CSS, HTML

Web Image Gallery(L-2,T-1)

Its an online based photo gallery where photographers can upload and share their images. We also provide functionalities of online exhibition of photos, rank photos according to number of likes and send photo as a gift.Its a type of social networking for photo lovers including chatting and mailing options.

Technologies: Java, CSS, MySql

Scientific Calculator(L-1,T-2)

Scientific operation, base conversion, general numeric operation

Technologies: C, iGraphics