A Java based PaaS Solution for Adverse drugs reaction intelligence where content from sources such as FDA openData adverse events and unstructured data from social media(Twitter) has been parsed, analyzed using both unstructured and structured data analytics to build multiple and actionable models.

  • Worked with different ML algorithms(Naive Bayes, k-NN, SVM) to identify the best suiting approach for determining Drug-Drug Interaction
  • Involved in calculating, analyzing and improving efficiency of different ML approaches based on different evaluation metrics using RapidMiner
  • Integrated RapidMiner Library in java application to run the whole analytics process in Hadoop Map-Reduce
  • Plot Drug Adverse Reaction report frequency to generate spike for Data visualization.

Technologies: Java, Python(Pandas), MongoDB, MySQL, RapidMiner(Data Analytics Tool), IPyhton NoteBook( Data Visualization), RoboMongo, Hadoop (Big Data Tool)


A Data-driven Physician ranking and sales recommendation device,  which helps Pharma
Reps need to identify better prospects and pitch prospects more relevant products.

  • Extract, clean and normalize a large amount of 3rd party Physician Biographical Data and Prescription Data
  • Implemented a ranking algorithm of Physicians based on different attributes(Using Heuristic approach)
  • Implemented a drug recommendation system targeting a physician based on his previous prescription history(Different ML algorithms such as Market Basket Analysis,Classification has been applied to build this system)

Technologies: Java(Front End), Xamarin( Backend, Cross Platform for iOS and Android), MySQL, RapidMiner(Data Analytics Tool)


An Augmented Reality(AR) app for customers in retail chain where the retailer is able to advertise specials that can be viewed in an AR mode (as well as other more traditional ways). The specials are highlighted in 3D imagery in the app.

  • Implemented a web based management system for creating, editing, updating and deleting specials. User can upload 3D imagery for their specials and also select the stores in which the specials are available through this system.
  • Implemented an API based communication between the management system and mobile app.

Technologies:  Ruby on Rails(Front End), Android( Back-end), MySQL, HTML, CSS


It is a comprehensive Transportation Management Software (TMS) solution designed to make life easier for medium to large transportation intermediaries dealing in TL and LTL freight.

  • Improved online payment system which is built on
  • Designed and implemented Super Admin Level for authority
  • Customize different User’s role

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

Well Travel

A web based Flight Schedule Provider and Online Booking System.

  • Integrated different GDS flight schedule provider API
  • Integrated Rental car and hotel booking API
  • Implemented PaaS Architecture for 3rd party solution combining the consumed API results

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, SOAP, REST